What Are The Most Popular Kinks For Men Like You?

fetish and kink

Louisa Knight knows that if you’re like a lot of men, you probably have a secret kink that you’d love to talk about. Perhaps you’d like for an open-minded person about your kink, but you’re concerned about being judged.

If you’re married, then you might go to bed secretly wishing that your wife was into your your kink. Alas, your darling wife might create fire in your kitchen, but she might be too tired or vanilla to sit up at night listening to your kinky fantasies.

And let’s face it – a kink isn’t something that you could bring up in a business meeting, is it? You certainly can’t openly talk about your kinks with your professional colleagues, and you might be concerned that your friends will look at you crazy or judge you if you open up about your various kinks.

Perhaps you’ve even come to judge yourself! Maybe you keep thinking about your secret kink over and over again, but you might wonder if you’re the only person in the world who desires this thing that keeps dancing around your head.

Well, here’s some good news: There’s hundreds of unique kinks that people of all strips either indulge in or fantasize about. You’re not the only one who gets excited by certain turn-ons.

What’s more, while it’s probably not a good idea to discuss these topics with your business colleagues, there’s professional women you can date who are more than happy to help you with navigating your kinks with an open mind. They won’t make you feel silly or weird. They’re worldly and sophisticated, and they understand that different activities make different people smile.

For example, does the sight of women in screaming-red lipstick put a smile on your face? Do you secretly love watching classic cinema just so you can watch your favorite golden era screen siren speak into the camera with her commanding, arresting red lips? Or perhaps you watch the old movies because you love watching actresses walk across marbled floors with gossamer feathered, silky slippers.

Perhaps your shoe kink is a bit more modern. Perhaps you love watching television shows that feature a tough, strong woman wearing knee-high stiletto boots. There’s all sorts of kinks for every type of personality, so don’t be afraid to explore yours.