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Advertising Your Photography Business Everywhere You Go

Great advertising is always very important when you have your own business. When you have a photography business then it means you have a great deal of competition to compete with so you need to have all of your marketing and advertising done in a very smart way. Having visual advertising and marketing can be one of the best things you can do for your business, so now it is time for you to take action and figure out the perfect way to start letting everyone know all about your photography business.

Advertising Your Business

One way that you can advertise your business is to wear a T-shirt. You would be very surprised to see how well purchasing a few T-shirts online is going to help your business. All you need to do from there is have the T-shirts custom-designed with your business name and phone number. Always be sure that when you are wearing you T-shirts that you are well groomed and very polite.

Internet Advertising

Sometimes it is hard to go places every day especially if you have a very busy schedule. The Internet and social media is a great way for you to do advertising as well. You will be able to advertise on certain sites for free which can be a huge boost in sales. Always spend a few times a week online doing nothing but advertising because that will help your business out greatly. Social media websites are highly recommended for advertising, because you can let millions of people know that you have a photography business. You can also buy likes from Facebook to promote your business.

Advertising and marketing are going to be something that is essential in any business whether or not it is photography or not. You have to focus some energy on your advertising and marketing in order to be a success.

5 Ways Your Family Photo Can Go Wrong

God love family photos/portraits. They can become keepsakes that are passed down through the generations. Small families, medium-sized families and massive families can benefit from having the family portrait in at least one of their photo albums. This is something to be cherished and enjoyed by all who view it. And as much fun as it can be, getting a family portrait taken, it can also be a very trying day. The success of your family portrait can depend on many contributing factors. What could possibly go wrong with a family photo?

# 5 It Only Takes One Family Member

All it takes is for one family member to feel a little under the weather and before you know it to the entire family is not feeling well . Not to mention the fact that you’re probably going to look anything but your best for that family portrait. A red nose, watery eyes – not exactly the way you want to go down in history. If you’ve got a family portrait coming up and you know you’re a little under the weather make sure that you see a doctor for the pain of sinus problems or whatever) before they ruin your next family portrait.

#4 Seriously, You’re Wearing That?

Crazy props found in many photographers studios and goofy outfits that match are better left to the photo studios found in your local department store. This portrait is going to be around for many years so make sure that it’s something you can be proud of and not embarrassed by.

#3 It Seemed like a Good Idea At the Time

Currently making the rounds on YouTube and many other Internet websites is the family portrait taken on a beach where each parent was swinging a child around on the sand. It was to be a carefree picture of fun in the sun – right up until it wasn’t. Though everyone ended up okay in the long run, a moment of temporary loss of motor skills caused one child to fly through the air, without the greatest of ease. And of course, the astute photographer captured that precise moment.

#2 Family Portraits Mean Kids

One of the reasons that this is going to be a long day could very well be because there are children involved. It’s hard to get children to sit still for a family photo – or anything else for that matter. Finding a photographer that is well-versed in child photography is your best bet if children are going to be part of your family portrait… How could they not be?

#1 Are You Going With Traditional Or New Age?

Deciding to go New Age may seem like a good idea at the time, but it could end up being disastrous in the long run. Nowadays people are going with alternatives to actual photos: Family portraits created with shadow figures or silhouettes, portraits of your family fashioned from wood or some other material, dolls either cut from paper or hand carved from wood, and even stamps with the family’s likeness on it are just a few of the methods being used these days in place of the old school family portrait. Photographers would be well advised to sharpen their skills and make sure that they are providing the best family portraits money can buy.

The Kentucky Derby Is Perfect For A Portfolio







So, you have finally started putting together a portfolio, hoping for that dream photography job that you have always wanted.  As a photographer, you are likely on the constant lookout for the perfect subjects to show off and practice various techniques.  Whether you are looking for action shots or stills, scenery or living subjects, the Kentucky Derby is a great place to get those pictures that can really show off what you have to offer.  Even if you are not a fan of horse racing, there are many opportunities for an aspiring photographer to show their love of their medium.


The Real Stars

Not only will have you have over 150,000 people attending the Kentucky Derby to shoot, you will also have the opportunity to shoot the real stars of the race – the horses.  For a list of the Kentucky Derby horses, you can visit any number of websites.  Taking a few minutes to study your subjects prior to attending the event can get you prepared and will give you an idea of which horse(es) you are most interested in shooting.  Considering all of the potential actions shots available, during the race as well as the more relaxing shots, from before and after the race, the horses really can provide you with all of the shots you need to take your portfolio to another level.  If you have never been to a horse race before or seen one in action, Twinspires is a great place to give you an idea of what you can expect.  With live streaming of daily races, Twinspires can help you prepare yourself for where you may want to stand during the race to get the best shots.


Not Everything Is In Motion

If you are looking for some still life photos to add to your portfolio, there are plenty of wonderful opportunities at Churchill Downs.  The track recently underwent an extensive renovation, providing you with more subjects than you could hope to shoot.  The gorgeous clubhouse will provide you with simple shots of luxury, while taking a walk through the Kentucky Derby Museum can provide you with the chance to take pictures of less contemporary subjects.  The scenery itself is gorgeous and you could spend a day simply looking around and seeing the scene around you through the eye of a lens.


No matter what it is you are hoping to add to your portfolio, the Kentucky Derby is a great place to get what you need.  Even if you feel your portfolio is already complete and that you are already well represented, using the Derby as an opportunity to practice your techniques will give you an edge when it comes to true action shots.

Purchasing High Quality Photography Equipment





If you are in the business of making things for other people, you probably already know that your wares are only as good as the materials you use, with which to build them.  Even something as simple as paints and brushes, if purchased too cheaply, can make a difference in the finished product.  Now, there’s no saying that you can’t get a really nice picture, with a simple, digital camera, that you pick up at Walmart or some other discount shop.  That said however, if photography is your livelihood… or you would like it to be… count on spending some really serious cash, for the right kind of equipment.


What Kind Of Equipment Will You Need To Start As A Photographer?

The kind of equipment you’ll need as a photographer will greatly depend on what kind of pictures you intend to take.  Are you going to be taking family portraits indoors or are you going to be taking pictures of wildlife in its natural habitat, out-of-doors?  Will you be taking still shots or will you be requiring a higher speed film for action shots, such as those during sporting events?  Lighting is a big factor.  And, unless you intend to have someone else develop your pictures, and what kind of photographer is that, you’re going to need all the equipment necessary, for either a dark room or digital processing through computers and printers.  I’ll bet that you have all that stuff, just sitting around in a closet somewhere right?


This Is Going to Cost You

Knowing full well that this kind of thing doesn’t grow on trees, you’re going to need some fast cash, if you want to get that business up and running in a short amount of time.  Now, you may have been saving all your little pennies in your piggy bank and maybe you’re even close to having what you need, in order to start up that photography business of yours.  If not, and your credit isn’t exactly stellar, you might consider jumping online and looking into some guaranteed bad credit loans.   Let’s face it, you’ve probably tapped out Mom and Dad and all your other sources of lending.


Don’t forget that you get what you pay for ,so try not to skimp if you don’t have to.  Quality costs money.

Photographing America One Destination at a Time

Photography has been one of the most enduring hobbies and professions, since the creation of the first camera.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a photographer’s eye is extra special; just like that of a painter.  One uses oils and canvas, the other the lens to a camera. The composition of the photo is artistic, if it is to hold the viewers attention.  I’m sure you have looked through the photo album, of one of your relatives and seen pretty much the same picture over and over.  It doesn’t matter if it was of a horse, your nephew, a train accident, and alien ship landing or the broadside of a barn.  It had the same look in every photograph. How much more interesting would those photos have been, if a little more attention was paid to the background, the light the special awareness of the angle of how the photo was shot.  What kind of a story is the photo trying to say?  All it takes is a little attention to detail, to bring life into the composition of the photo no matter what your subject – people, places, or things.

There are people everywhere and things everywhere, that we know.  And, certainly there are distinctive people and distinctive things, all over the world, as well.  However, what every country does not have is the same landscape or city.  And America has some of the richest of both.  With a few Megabus Coupons, you’re good to go on a photo adventure!  Here are a few ideas.


New York City – the most populated city in the United States.  If you can’t find something to photograph here then you are just not looking. High rise buildings, a wide range of classic and modern architecture and landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 memorial, Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square.

Las Vegas – with its distinctive skyline, in the daylight hours, but especially at night with the city lit to capacity that can be seen for miles around.  San Francisco – known for its summer fog, rolling hills and the mixture of architecture.  And it’s landmarks – the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz Island Prison and Chinatown, all offer the photographer an abundance of options.


Some of the greatest landscapes to seek out and add your special touch to photographing are Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore Memorial, the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Tetons, the plains of South Dakota, the Devil’s Tower, Old Faithful, and Mount St. Helens, to name a few.  And, don’t forget the beauty of Yosemite, where Ansel Adams sought out the perfect shot.

Keep in mind these are only examples of some of the better known places to photograph.  No matter where you are, or where you look you can find something that catches your eye–to tell a story.  When you see that story in the lens……SHOOT IT!

Making a Gift of Your Photography

This year if you don’t have the kind of money you’d like for gift giving, you can always look to your talents as a gift. And one of the best talents that can be parlayed into a gift is photography skill. There are so many ways to use the knowledge of photography as a gift, from offering free photos to teaching what you know. Here are some of the best ways to make a gift of your photography skills.
Offer a photo shoot


One of the most obvious ways to use your photography skills is offering a photo shoot as a gift. If you know someone that has an occasion coming up where they need new photos, such as an engagement, a high school or college graduation, a new baby, an anniversary or milestone birthday or an aspiring model or actor (for head shots), offering photos can be invaluable gift that can be worth much more to them than what you would’ve purchased otherwise. Also, since professional photo shoots can cost a pretty penny, this gift is always well received.


Teach photography lessons


A lot of people want to learn how to take better pictures but simply don’t have the time, or money, which is why if you’re looking for a fresh way to utilize your photography skills as a gift, consider giving photography lessons. Take them out on the town for an afternoon of taking photos and learning the basics. Or if you have a studio, invite them to come and learn how some of the equipment and other cool gadgets works, as well as take photos, so they can take them home with them.


Is always good to get creative when thinking about new ways to utilize your skills, and utilizing them in a gift giving capacity is one of the best ideas yet.

What Qualifications Are Required To Sell Photography Services?

Photographers can make a great deal of money, especially if they are very good at what they do and they are able to be very creative at making the perfect photograph. If you are thinking about a career in photography, but you are not sure what qualifications are required so that you are able to sell your service, then you need to to some homework.


Photography Classes


In order for you to get an idea about photography and all of the demands, you should invest in a photography class at your local college. You want to find out all of the different aspects there are two photography and what types of things you should know, so that you are able to bring the best of your skill and ability to a photo shoot.


Getting Started


Once you get started with your new photography business, you need to make sure that you are able to spread the word about your photography services. Advertising and marketing are going to be instrumental and your success. The first thing you should do is send out several evites for specials on your services so that you can start building a clientele list. You should also send out a personal evite to all of your friends and family to let them know that you are able to help them start capturing moments in their families.  The more you spend on your advertising and marketing, the more work you are going to get and your business is going to get off the ground successfully.


Photography is a terrific career to get into, and you are going to be able to meet a great deal of people. Customer service is one of the most important things you can do with your new photography business, so be sure that you take good care of all of your clients.

Salvage Photography

Everyone is recycling these days, it doesn’t matter if it’s steel, copper or rubber, there’s always something that can be recycled and it’s fairly easy to make money from it, especially if you scrap your car for cash; besides recycling precious metals and other items, it’s also possible to make money by recycling old photos as well.


How To Make Money Recycling Photos


The first step to this process is to dig through your attic or basement and look through those boxes of old photos that you haven’t looked at in years because old photos, especially black and white photos are worth something to someone and you can make money posting those images online and selling them on a per download basis.


The next step to making money by salvaging old photos is to choose a great image and then frame, plus matt that image. If the image is framed and matted it will have better presentation value and you can charge more money for those images by selling them online via auction websites like


Once you start marketing and selling your images online you should start looking for more images to sell at old estate sales, garage sales, auctions and free ads on websites like Craigslist because almost everyone is throwing away their old photos and they don’t realize what those images are worth.


Be Everywhere The Buyers Are


Your key to success with making money by salving photos all depends on your ability to be where the buyers of photos are online. If you have a blog that you’re selling photos for a price that can be bought and downloaded from your blog, make sure that you’re back linking to other blogs, running banner advertising and doing everything that you can to leverage the traffic of those blogs. Cross-promotional advertising and internet marketing works plus it’s the best way for any website or blog owner to correctly leverage their time and make money.


Making Space for a Photography Studio

Are you a novice photographer or perhaps a professional starting to build your new business from a home based studio?  Whatever scenario describes your needs the decision to design a space to be specifically used for your photography studio has endless possibilities.  The first consideration of course is how much space you plan on allocating for the studio.  The larger the available space the more elaborate the design.  Small spaces can be built to be completely functional also so you will be able to create a studio with what space you have available.


Form and Function


Your design plans will be developed with your end results in mind, will you be doing portrait photography, do you want to accommodate small or large groups of clients, will you need a waiting area for clients, how much space do you need for storage of your photography supplies and will you be developing your pictures or sending them out for development?  All of these factors will determine what building material Waldorf will be able to supply for you.  Having a design plan or perhaps consulting with one of their consultants will help you achieve the results that will best fit your needs.  Creating a space that works for the type of photography you produce means you will have to build spaces that work.  For still life photography you will want the walls and flooring that will compliment your subjects.  The paint on the walls should have minimal affect on the skin tones of your clients.  The backdrop should be seamless and the lighting should be even with good shadow management.  A smooth background will not distract from the subject of your photography.  Be sure to include enough building supplies to construct shelving or a closet for your cameras, film, developing supplies, props and any other equipment you will need to keep on hand.  Whether your photography studio is a hobby or your livelihood, having a designated space will enhance the joy of your work.

Sports Photography is About Motion

Thinking about getting into sports photography? Before you grab your camera and try your hand at taking the next great sports photo, keep in mind that the real secret to sports photography all boils down to the following tips:


Choose The Right Location


The key to success with sports photography is choosing the right location to take your photographs at. If you can get closer to the action, you can take a better shot that will be well received by sports magazines, newspapers and blogs around the world.


Be Aware Of What’s Going On Around The Players


The next step to shooting the right sports photos is paying attention to what’s going behind the action and positioning yourself to be ready to snap a great photo as it happens. Many aspiring sports photographers and sports fans that buy football tickets for sale make the mistake of taking photos of the action when they see it happen. This effectively puts them behind the action. The best sports photographers in the world today have learned to position themselves ahead of time and be ready to take a great shot as the action is happening.


Take The Time To Learn The Sport


As an aspiring sports photographer it’s important to learn the sports that you’re photographing before you head out to a game or match. This step is vital because you will know which plays to expect and be ready for unlike other amateurs who will be putting their equipment away or taking a break right as the action is heating up.


Another important aspect of learning the sports that you plan on photographing is being prepared to start taking shots before the action happens; for example: when a pitcher throws a pitch, this isn’t the time to take your shot, you should take your shot before the ball leaves the pitchers hand because if you see the action happening, that means you just missed the ability to take your shot.


Invest In Better Equipment


Although you may be tempted to stick with your same ole digital camera that you’ve been taking pictures with for years, you owe it to yourself to invest in better equipment like 85mm or 135mm lenses. The easier it is for you to shoot photos from farther away, the more photos you will sell and more success you will have as a sports photographer.