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Mobile Apps for Photography

In these days of mobile phones that have the capability of not only taking pictures but videos complete with sound; nothing is sacred or secret. Just ask some of the latest politicians that have been caught saying or doing things that they probably regret (albeit because someone caught it on video).

Not All Phones Are Good For Photos

The quality of a photo taken with a mobile phone is largely dependent on lighting, movement and the phone itself. Some phones are more conducive to taking pictures than others. They can end up grainy with poor lighting and the sound is usually very tinny and distorted. (Not distorted enough however for those politicians who misspoke.)

Better Technology Leads To Better Picture Taking

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has not only advanced video capabilities but a special setting for low light photography. These mobile phones are particularly lightweight and while attractive are surprisingly sturdy; though of course not as crash proof as we would like all of our mobiles to be. But if picture taking this something you expect to do on a semi regular basis with your mobile phone you may seriously consider investing in one of these.

There are many mobile phones on the market these days and each one has its own characteristics. Figure out which characteristics are appropriate for you.