Advertising Your Photography Business Everywhere You Go

Great advertising is always very important when you have your own business. When you have a photography business then it means you have a great deal of competition to compete with so you need to have all of your marketing and advertising done in a very smart way. Having visual advertising and marketing can be one of the best things you can do for your business, so now it is time for you to take action and figure out the perfect way to start letting everyone know all about your photography business.

Advertising Your Business

One way that you can advertise your business is to wear a T-shirt. You would be very surprised to see how well purchasing a few T-shirts online is going to help your business. All you need to do from there is have the T-shirts custom-designed with your business name and phone number. Always be sure that when you are wearing you T-shirts that you are well groomed and very polite.

Internet Advertising

Sometimes it is hard to go places every day especially if you have a very busy schedule. The Internet and social media is a great way for you to do advertising as well. You will be able to advertise on certain sites for free which can be a huge boost in sales. Always spend a few times a week online doing nothing but advertising because that will help your business out greatly. Social media websites are highly recommended for advertising, because you can let millions of people know that you have a photography business. You can also buy likes from Facebook to promote your business.

Advertising and marketing are going to be something that is essential in any business whether or not it is photography or not. You have to focus some energy on your advertising and marketing in order to be a success.

7 Tips For Photographing Wildlife

Photography is an art, and so is the ability to immerse yourself in nature, and get those amazing shots that people will study and appreciate forever. If you find yourself using Kenai River fishing guides to help you get where you need to be in order to get those shots, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

7: Distance

There’s nothing more important when it comes to photographing wildlife than keeping your distance. Most of them can smell and sense you regardless, and so you need to have as much space between you and them as possible.

6: Patience

When you’re getting into the business of taking pictures of animals, you have to understand that being patient is in the job description. Waiting for the right opportunity can literally take hours, and all you can do is sit and wait.

5: Time Of Day

Study the sleeping habits and daily actions of the animal you’re planning on taking pictures of. There’s nothing worse then heading out to do a shoot, only to discover that animal is at rest, or in a completely different area than where you’re located.

4: Time Of Year

If the animal in question has migrated away for the next six to nine months, you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures of nothing. Research is vital.

3: Silence

Being quiet is not only important because you don’t want the animal to hear you, but also because you need to be able to hear the animal. A snapped twig, the crunch of snow- any and all of these sounds could be a sign that you should be getting ready to shoot.

2: Framing

Once your animal in question is in the area, you’ve got to act quickly to set up just the right shot. A lot of this depends on where you set yourself up in the first place. Make sure to go for a low waiting place that will allow you to take shots from the ground.

1: Preparation

Do you have your camera? What about all your different lenses? Is the battery charged? Do you have a back up? Do you have a way to take notes? All of these factors and more are important when you’re setting up to go take pictures of wildlife. You have to be ready for any and everything that nature might throw at you in the wild.

5 Free Promo Tactics For Your Photo Business

Your trademark on the back of last year’s family portrait, even though that picture is on this year’s invitations for a big family reunion, may not be enough to land you more family portrait appointments. Weddings and engagement photos, pet portraits, senior class pictures, promo shots… all good work if you can get it. But when the advertising that you are currently using just isn’t enough, how can you generate business for your photography service without breaking the already shaky bankbook? Below are some suggestions that will, hopefully, get you going in the right direction.


Oh, Yes It Is What You Know!

  • If you are an experienced photographer, put your best foot forward mentoring young and/or new wanna-be photographers. Go through local youth groups, schools, online blogs, etc. Giving back to your community in this way looks good for you and spreads your name throughout the neighborhood.
  • While on the topic of locale, are you on all of the local websites in your area? Any and all sites that deal with all things local should contain your name, business and contact info. Some of these even offer the opportunity to post testimonials (reviews).
  • Don’t be in a rush to disregard the utilization of Instagram


Take Full Advantage Of Opportunity

  • Did you know that your emails and texts have ‘signatures’? Rather than your signature telling people to have a great little day or passing along some prophetic phrase, why not sign it with your business name and phone number/email address? Think about how many emails and texts you deal with in a typical day. That adds up to a lot of free advertising.
  • You do have a website, do you not? If you aren’t online with an attractive and informative website… you aren’t anywhere. The site should contain an utterly amazing portfolio.

As well as having your very own business website, you MUST be on any and every social network. Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, Twitter… this is how people communicate these days. If you aren’t at least available on these networks (even if you don’t post at an addictive rate) your exposure is nowhere near what it could and should be in this day and age of technology and social networking. When posting on the Internet, be sure that your posts are of high quality, in order to avoid being labeled ‘spammy’. Also consider donating your services as a door prize in charity auctions and drawings. Again, it looks good for you and helps get your name and your pictures out there.

Photog Tips For Your Next Quinceanera

The coming of age is always special no matter what your ethnic background. For Hispanic people in Mexico and Central America, a girl’s coming of age is particularly special and is celebrated in grand fashion.


Coming Of Age-Latin American Style

When a girl of Hispanic heritage turns 15 years of age she is considered coming of age. It is a time of great celebration of womanhood is treated in a formal manner called Quinceanera. The birthday girl receives a special lace dress that resembles a wedding gown, tiara, bracelet, earrings, cross, bible, and rosary. This fancy soiree includes invitations, church for the ceremony to occur, a reception hall, DJ for music, decorations menu and food, photographer, and cake. Measurements have to be taken for the person honored and the girls who will stand with her, which mandates preparation many months ahead.

Similar to a wedding, this celebration of womanhood requires the girl to choose 14 girls and escorts. The girl must select her closest girlfriends and boyfriends to fill these spots. Cousins can also stand in if she does not have that many friends. Their parents must approve of these choices due to the expense involved in buying special dresses and accessories for the ceremony. These couples will dance several choreographed dances and one surprise one. A father and daughter dance is also traditional. The girl has to provide gifts for all that participate just as it would be for a wedding.


Photography That Captures The Special Day

Just like a wedding, this special day requires attention to detail. A professional photographer is preferred to just having your uncle or cousin taking shots. Here is a list of special shots the photographer must capture:

  • Just like in a wedding, the entrance of the maids of honor with their escorts as they enter the church, during the ceremony.
  • The entrance of the birthday celebrant in her white or pale pink gown.
  • When she places her bouquet on the altar.
  • Pictures of the birthday girl and her court.
  • At the reception take pictures of the crowning ceremony when her headpiece is replaced by the tiara and she is presented with a scepter, to represent her passage into adulthood.
  • Other important shots are the one with the father/daughter dance, followed by the members of her court, then her godparents, followed by everyone else in attendance.
  • Get a shot of the toast given at the reception.
  • Cutting of the customary multi-tiered birthday cake matching her gown is essential.
  • A picture of the festejada, a waltz dance with one of the escorts is a must.

Capturing the significance of this important day for the family involved is critical. You are providing a keepsake of a time that will be looked back on with much sentiment. If your photography delivers clear, vivid shots, you may be able to get many referrals for years to come.

4 Ideas To Spice Up That Family Portrait

Family portraits can be a real blessing as more and more of your relatives move away or go to that great family reunion in the sky. They can bring back lots of happy, enjoyable memories. And family portraits can be a major pain in the butt! Let’s face it, particularly when there’s children involved, getting everyone to sit still for that couple of seconds that it takes for a family portrait to turn out well can be more difficult than parting the Red Sea – or so it seems. Here are a few ideas that might make things a little bit more fun – thereby making them a little more tolerable when it comes to taking your next family portrait.

Portrait Idea Number Four

This is truly a fun favorite: fancy dress ideas can consist of anything and everything from the roaring 20s flappers and gangsters to wild West cowboys and saloon girls, Southern plantation men and women decked out in their best goin’ courtin’ garb, Sherlock Holmes era mystery dinner party-esque costumes. You name it, the possibilities are limitless. Children should like this because it’s fun, women will like it because there’s no reason not to and men might even be on board, because they can look suave and debonair – which may be something they seldom do… if ever.

Portrait Idea Number Three

If you’re family is into sports in a big way you can get everyone together in their team jersey of choice. Now of course it’s nice if everyone cheers for the same team, so everyone has the same jersey, but it’s not often you can get that many people in a room and have them all agree on something like a sports team. Feel free to include sports paraphernalia as a type of prop(s).

Portrait Idea Number Two

The totem pole effect can be fun for smaller families with dad, the largest or the oldest on the bottom… above him heads stack up with mom, the oldest child, the next oldest child and finally the youngest child. It might take a little doing to hold that youngest child up on top of the totem pole if they are a baby so this is only practical in select cases but can be a hoot. And this portrait hanging on the wall can be a real conversation starter when company comes to visit.

Family Portrait Idea Number One

Nothing could be much simpler than denim and T-shirts but if the family wants to they can go online and order matching T-shirts with a slogan, logo or simply the family name on front and/or back of the T-shirt. These can be purchased very inexpensively online.

Now I know full well that not all individuals involved are going to be on board with every single one of these suggestions but surely you can get everyone to agree on something. And if not, just have one of the elder ladies lay a guilt trip on them like any good mother knows how to do. “Honestly Gerald this is the least that you can do for your poor old grandma Edna at 83 years old. Goodness only knows when she’s going to be able to get together for another family portrait – if ever. (shed a tear) What’s wrong with you – I have never in my life seen anyone so disagreeable and self-centered!” That ought to do it.

Is Professional Photography A Dying Art?

For the person that sincerely believes that photography is a dying art, they might want to talk to any number of people about the popularity of Pinterest. Granted, Pinterest has more than just photos captured by cameras, tablets, iPads and smart phones. They have many drawings and manufactured and computer-generated pictures as well. But Pinterest would be shockingly smaller and relatively empty without good old-fashioned photography… Let’s face it. Maybe one of the secrets to being a successful photographer is the same as being a successful business person of any other kind. Maybe it’s all about the photographer’s promotional ideas. Promotional giveaways would at least help you get the word out.


Are You A Pessimist For An Optimist?

To hear the naysayers tell it, photography is a dying art as well as career suicide. You are not necessarily doomed as a photographer these days however, particularly if you’re good at what you do and you have a unique quality that sets you apart from all the others. This in addition to all of the usual good business practices will keep you at the top of your game and hopefully at the top of everyone’s list of reputable photographers. If you have begun reading articles titled something on the lines of “How Can I Save My Floundering Photography Business?” it’s probably already too late. You’ve already stopped believing in yourself, your beliefs and your vocation.

You can’t walk around with a gloom and doom attitude if you are going to succeed in anything, much less photography. Let’s face it, is photography threatened in today’s world of technology and digitalization? Absolutely. Is that a death sentence for your career as a photographer? Absolutely not. Not unless you let it be.


Photographers Make History

Were it not for photographers we would be without some of the greatest, most infamous recorded visions in history. Consider the picture that had to inspire the sculptures of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. And one picture summed up at least 1000 words for the photographer that caught the picture of the firemen raising a battered American flag on a pile of rubble that used to be New York’s Twin Towers. These sites would have existed only in someone’s memory had it not been for a photographer. And we all know that the human memory is undependable at best. In fact the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words” in and of itself should tell you and everyone else – be they a photographer or not – that photographs are an indispensable part of life as we know it.

Get the picture?

4 Must Knows About Great Vacation Photos

One common theme amongst vacationers is to always bring a digital camera. Either a professional, expensive one or one of the more economical types. Or you can always wait until you reach your destination to purchase a throwaway camera there, for the most frugal of people.

#4 Don’t Pose Around Monuments

People are not statues, but for some reason when families or couples travel together they pose by the monuments. It is really a strange phenomenon but comes off looking stodgy and staged. Just be natural and allow your fellow vacationers to do the same.

#3 Embrace The People

In your quest to take photos of every monument and landmark that represents where you are visiting, don’t forget to embrace the people you travel with. Years down the road it would be a shame to look back on the family trip or vacationing with friends, just to realize you failed to capture memories of the relationships on the trip.

#2 Fill Up The Photo With Necessities

The standard saying is to crop the garbage out of your shots. Pay close attention to what you are trying to capture and then crop before you shoot. This way extra sky or grass is not so big. Instead you need to zoom in as much as possible to highlight what you are emphasizing. Keep in mind that some shots look better if you shoot it vertical rather than the traditional horizontal It is amazing how spectacular a blade of grass can look when you zoom in on it. Imagine how amazing the Costa Rica rainforest photos can look when you remember to crop before shooting.

#1 Bring Extra Batteries And A Memory Card

Many vacations have been ruined by the camera battery wearing out. It is not always convenient to buy one at a camera shop or drugstore if you are vacationing in any of the retreats Costa Rica has to offer. They are sometimes in very remote areas so it is necessary to not only have extra batteries on hand but an additional memory card or two to expand the amount of shots you can capture.

Photographs of every vacation you take is a moment in time and a snapshot window of your life. It will be a legacy of your life going forward and after you have left the earth. Make them the best representation of your personality that you can.

5 Ways Your Family Photo Can Go Wrong

God love family photos/portraits. They can become keepsakes that are passed down through the generations. Small families, medium-sized families and massive families can benefit from having the family portrait in at least one of their photo albums. This is something to be cherished and enjoyed by all who view it. And as much fun as it can be, getting a family portrait taken, it can also be a very trying day. The success of your family portrait can depend on many contributing factors. What could possibly go wrong with a family photo?

# 5 It Only Takes One Family Member

All it takes is for one family member to feel a little under the weather and before you know it to the entire family is not feeling well . Not to mention the fact that you’re probably going to look anything but your best for that family portrait. A red nose, watery eyes – not exactly the way you want to go down in history. If you’ve got a family portrait coming up and you know you’re a little under the weather make sure that you see a doctor for the pain of sinus problems or whatever) before they ruin your next family portrait.

#4 Seriously, You’re Wearing That?

Crazy props found in many photographers studios and goofy outfits that match are better left to the photo studios found in your local department store. This portrait is going to be around for many years so make sure that it’s something you can be proud of and not embarrassed by.

#3 It Seemed like a Good Idea At the Time

Currently making the rounds on YouTube and many other Internet websites is the family portrait taken on a beach where each parent was swinging a child around on the sand. It was to be a carefree picture of fun in the sun – right up until it wasn’t. Though everyone ended up okay in the long run, a moment of temporary loss of motor skills caused one child to fly through the air, without the greatest of ease. And of course, the astute photographer captured that precise moment.

#2 Family Portraits Mean Kids

One of the reasons that this is going to be a long day could very well be because there are children involved. It’s hard to get children to sit still for a family photo – or anything else for that matter. Finding a photographer that is well-versed in child photography is your best bet if children are going to be part of your family portrait… How could they not be?

#1 Are You Going With Traditional Or New Age?

Deciding to go New Age may seem like a good idea at the time, but it could end up being disastrous in the long run. Nowadays people are going with alternatives to actual photos: Family portraits created with shadow figures or silhouettes, portraits of your family fashioned from wood or some other material, dolls either cut from paper or hand carved from wood, and even stamps with the family’s likeness on it are just a few of the methods being used these days in place of the old school family portrait. Photographers would be well advised to sharpen their skills and make sure that they are providing the best family portraits money can buy.

Put Some Bling In That Portrait Photo



Yes, that would stand to reason. Great looking bling is going to look great in photographs, in person, pretty much no matter what. Of course, a really phenomenal photographer and just the right lighting can take a piece of great bling and make it look like crazy, stupendously elegant and blindingly luminous bling. This would be particularly important if you’ve decided to design your own ring and have it photographed for your own purposes, or the purposes of the jewelry artisan responsible for actually making the ring.


See Anything You Like?

Shopping at retail stores that handle jewelry, clothing, furniture, toys, appliances and more is a lot like going to a restaurant that serves anything and everything. There isn’t going to be one specialty item aside from maybe their big burger platter. The same can be said for jewelry – those stores carry everything that the store down the road carries who carries everything that store further down the road carries in most cases.

But, with a piece of custom jewelry that is handmade/handcrafted you stand a far better chance of having something that no one else has. That is of course, unless you decide to have your custom ring modeled after someone elses – say, a celebrity for instance. When Jennifer Aniston got married people flocked to buy rings just like hers. The same can be said for the recent marriage of royalty celebrities William and Kate – everyone wanted that ring. (As if!) Fortunately, you can copy more expensive rings for far less by using alternate materials with which to construct the ring.


What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

If you aren’t particularly artsy and don’t feel that you can design a ring that would be worthy of photographing you might want to go speak with an experienced jewelry artisan in person. Tell them you want a ring that says something about you, explore several options as far as precious stones and metals, talk about the kinds of designs that you favor.

And, be sure to pick out a setting that is going to do its job – which would be to hold on to that precious stone through thick and through thin.

Capturing Photos Of Alaska’s Natural Beauty


When faced with the magnificent Alaskan landscape, it can be overwhelming to attempt capturing its essence. Further research this after learning basic tips, so you don’t miss anything you want to share later.


Essential Landscapes To Capture

There is so much to see of the topography and landscapes of Alaska. Rugged tundra, rainforests, glaciers, mountains, and captivating scenery are everywhere. All you have to do is point and shoot. Stand near the rivers and capture the intense joy of Alaska salmon fishing. The excitement of fishermen as they catch a King Salmon and hold it in the air is palpable. Now it is your task to capture that feeling on digital camera.

At six million acres, Denali National Park is home to majestic Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. Grizzly bears, moose, wolves, and eagles can all be photographed in their natural habitat. At least 20 million acres and three rivers are part of The Artic National Wildlife Refuge located in the Arctic Region of Alaska. Almost 180 species of birds, 45 mammal species, 36 fish species, and tundra plants are waiting to be photographed. Each region has its own special aura.


Precautions To Take When Photographing Wildlife

Alaska is home to many types of wildlife that are roaming free in the wilderness. While it can be exciting to look up and see bears, moose, or caribou and other wild beasts, you don’t want to find yourself becoming part of the story. Keeping a safe distance with a great zoom lens is the best way to take great photos while avoiding getting chased or worse.

Alaska is known as bear country, since three species of bears live there. Brown, grizzly, and black bears all inhabit various regions of the wilderness and roam freely about. Although this is a photographer’s dream to take snapshots of a bear in the wild, caution is imperative in order to avoid turning that dream into a nightmare. Several things to remember include, bears are curious but don’t like surprises. If you are walking in brush or vegetation, make your presence known by talking aloud, singing, yelling, or tying a bell to your backpack. Traveling in a group is noisier and therefore easier for them to be aware of you.

Don’t camp near trails. Use long lenses, when photographing bears, rather than getting close for a better shot. Cook away from your tent. Do not feed bears or leave food behind for them. Don’t cook bacon or other smelly foods. Don’t run. Instead stay calm, if approached. Red extract spray has been an effective deterrent. Remember, no photo is worth losing your life. Capture Alaska’s beauty, but remain smart in the process.