A Guide To Legal Uses Of Your Photography

Photography can be a wonderful thing, especially if you have your photography posted online. There are pros and cons to having your personal pictures posted online. The pros are you are able to share all of your photos with your friends and family and everyone will be able to make comments and see what you are doing with your life. However there is a huge downside to having your photography online. People that are looking for photographs are all over the Internet stealing pictures. You would never want to see your photography posted on a site that was not proper or intended for your photography to be listed on.

Handling Your Photography Problem

The first thing you need to do when you realize that your photography is been stolen and distributed in places that you do not agree upon is find a criminal law attorney. This attorney will help you start getting the pictures removed and also get you on track with what you are trying to do with your photography. You may end up having to do an entire new website that has strict laws and restrictions posted on the website so that people are aware that they cannot do whatever they want with your photography. You need to follow all of the instructions that your lawyer gives you so that you don’t ever have to deal with this type of problem again.

Photography In The Future

Get yourself a new website that has all of your photography posted online, but also has several restrictions. You can make it so that no one is able to download any pictures you post and that if they do they are breaking the law and you are able to prosecute them. That generally will slow down all of the people that steal photography on the Internet throughout the day. You also should monitor everything that goes on with your website and your photos. At any time you see someone trying to steal your photography again and use it against you or for their own benefit then you need to call your lawyer up and get the ball rolling on prosecuting that individual.

Photography is a wonderful thing especially if you are able to post your pictures where you want and have everything go with the program and on your terms. Always be sure your site is very secure.

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